Buying HUD Homes

The government owns HUD homes which were foreclosed. Only a HUD-registered Realtor can submit an offer for a Buyer, on a HUD home.

So, what exactly IS a HUD home?  First of all, HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development.  So everything should be clear now, right?  Just kidding – a HUD home is a foreclosed home that is currently owned by the government.  Like banks, the government does not want to own homes, so they list them on the MLS like other homes for sale.

HUD homes are pretty much like any other bank owned home, except that the process for purchasing these homes is slightly different from a normal purchase.  That is why only Realtors registered with HUD as Bidders can submit offers on behalf of Buyers.  Also, financing for HUD home purchases is like any other home purchase – you can use an FHA, VA, or a conventional loan.
TW Real Estate Group has HUD registered Realtors and can assist all Buyers with their purchase of a HUD home.  If you want to begin your search for a HUD home, visit HUD’s website at  Make sure you also contact TW Real Estate Group so we can assist you with your HUD home purchase.

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