Living at ThreeSixty at South Bay


Looking to Buy, Sell or Lease at the South Bay's premiere gated community, ThreeSixty at South Bay?  Well then you have got to check out our new website, dedicated to all things real estate at ThreeSixty! Take a look now, and visit often for updated lists of Homes for Sale and Open Houses.   She shiver and makes … [Read more...]


Supporters of Measure W - Unification of the Wiseburn School District

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Investment Diversification: Can My Real Estate be at Risk?

Phil Atwan of Exchange Resources, Inc.

Are all my Investment “eggs in one basket”? Diversification or balance in an investment portfolio can be critical to success as market conditions change and shifts take place.  There can be great increases when the market is going up, but unfortunately when an economic downturn occurs, it can lead to severe financial loss.  A large percentage of … [Read more...]

2013 Q2 Real Estate Investor Report for Del Aire, Hollyglen & Wiseburn

The number of homes for sale, versus the number of sold homes - in the Hollyglen, Wiseburn & Del Aire neighborhoods

Introduction The areas of Wiseburn, Hollyglen, and Del Aire are often lumped together because they are all in the Wiseburn school district.  But each of these communities performs differently when it comes to real estate.  As a Realtor that specializes, lives, and is active in these communities, I know the intricacies of each their real estate … [Read more...]

Top 5 Cities to Sell in the US vs Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach's real estate market is doing a lot better now than it was 2 years ago.

CNN's website recently published an article, "5 Best Markets to Sell a Home."  As it turns out, 4 out of the 5 cities listed were California cities.  None of them however were in Los Angeles county. When you look through this list, one thing I notice is that all of these cities had had significantly high levels of foreclosures over the … [Read more...]

Greater South Bay Market Summary – June 2012

Greater South Bay Real Estate Statistics Through June 2012 - For Sale/Sold/Pending

For many months now, real estate and financial professionals had been closely monitoring how the market has been performing in the Greater South Bay.  Each month, the news looked the same - or better - than the previous month.  This certainly created some positive excitement in our minds, but I think we have all been extremely cautious, unwilling … [Read more...]

Smelly house, smelly house, it’s not your fault…

Stinky houses sell - for less than other homes!

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Ego + Real Estate = Unhappy Participants

Are you a "Zen Negotiator"?

Buying or selling a home is oftentimes an emotional experience.  Many Sellers have fond memories in the home, making the home selling process somewhat difficult.  Many Buyers are excited at the prospect of moving into a new home to call their own, and begin making those new memories.  As a Realtor, I acknowledge the roller coaster of emotions that … [Read more...]

Out of Area Listing Agents-More Frustration & Less Money

Frustration usually follows when dealing with an out of area listing agent, as opposed to a local, experienced, knowledgable real estate professional.

For the vast majority of people, their home is their most valuable asset.  And all home owners will agree that when they have to sell their most valuable asset, they want to get the most money out of it.  Really, that's true of any asset.  So logical thinking says that they should employ knowledgable, experienced professionals to help them do … [Read more...]