Foreclosures are on the minds of many these days – both Home Buyers and Home Sellers.  When the general public usually talks about foreclosures, it’s usually one of these two they are referring to:

Bank owned homes (a.k.a. REO) – These are properties that have been foreclosed but no one bought them at the foreclosure auction, so ownership goes back to the bank.  As it turns out, banks don’t want to be homeowners, and so they attempt to sell them at fair market value.

Short Sales – Many homeowners now owe more on their home than it is worth.  So what do they do when they HAVE to sell their home?  They sell it using a short sale!  Read more about short sales here.

Foreclosure properties are a necessary evil these days and aren’t going away anytime soon.  If you are looking to buy a home, no doubt you will come across one or both of these types of foreclosures.  And if you need to sell your home, there is a good chance you may need to consider doing so via a short sale.  In either position, be sure to work with a Realtor who is well versed in these types of foreclosure properties – like someone from TW Real Estate Group.

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