TW Real Estate Group - the Real Estate Investor's Realtor

The founder of the TW Real Estate Group – Tiffany Wilson – began her career in real estate in 2000 initially as a real estate investor.  Since then, she has accumulated not only a large amount of varied knowledge and experience, but also a fair-sized real estate portfolio.  Through this experience one of the most important realizations she has made was how important it is to work with a Realtor who is knowledgable and experienced in real estate investing.

The path that Tiffany Wilson has followed with her real estate investing experience has been key in influencing the services offered to other Real Estate Investors – from novice to experienced – who require the assistance of a Realtor who can “walk the walk, and talk the talk” when it comes to real estate investing.

TW Real Estate Group is able to assist real estate investors with a wide range of services:  From purchases, financing, sales, to property management, we can assist investors with all sorts of residential and commercial multi-family real estate needs.

Real Estate Investor Services

Here are our Real Estate Investor services that we offer:

  • Analysis and purchase of multi-family properties:  Residential (2-4 units) as well as commercial (5+ units).
  • Identification and analysis of Fix and Flip properties:  Single family homes.
  • Financing – Access to a variety of loan programs to assist with your investment purchase, whether it is a residential or commercial loan.
  • Selling real estate investments:  Sales of multi-family properties (residential or commercial) or single family income properties.
  • Property management:  Comprehensive property management services available to keep your investment a healthy, performing asset.

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