Buying Homes at Foreclosure Auctions

You can buy foreclosure homes from the comfort of your home!

In the past, when our clients asked about buying homes at foreclosure auctions (a.k.a. Trustee auctions), we would discourage them from doing it, unless they wanted to get into real estate investing full-time and become professional real estate investors.  There are many risks and challenges involved with buying homes at the foreclosure auction, and it is not for the inexperienced.  Still, we kept our ears to the ground to see if we could find a solution.

Our diligence has paid off, because we have recently begun working with a company who provides a variety of services to facilitate the purchase of homes at the foreclosure auction. These services significantly reduce the risk involved with buying homes at the foreclosure auction.  Some of the issues that they address are title condition, property condition, occupancy, buying with or without cash (financing is available), and eviction services (if needed).

Of course no investment is ever a sure thing, but these foreclosure auction services provided certainly help reduce the risk involved to a level that is acceptable to most investors.

Additional services and features provided to assist you with your foreclosure auction purchases are:

  • Daily, detailed lists of homes that are going to auction, which include maps, estimated valuation, and opening bid amounts – all organized so you find the best deals easily!
  • Drive report and title report are provided upon request – no need to drive around looking at properties every day.
  • Auction results so you can see what the selling price was for the homes that were auctioned off.
  • Bid from the comfort of your home! Submit your bid online, by email, or text, and a bidder will make your bid at the auction.
  • And more!
So what do you have to do to get started?  Start by contacting TW Real Estate Group so that we can brief you on the additional services & features and the requirements to get started.

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