Short Sales

Erase your worry about a short sale by arming yourself with information from representatives at TW Real Estate Group.

Even though short sales are commonplace in today’s market, every Seller’s reason for selling using a short sale is different, as are the numerous variables involved with that short sale.

Short sales also present a level of complexity that requires specially trained real estate professionals.  We here at the TW Real Estate Group recognize this and over many years we have been involved with ongoing education associated with short sales.  We also work with short sale negotiators, escrow officers, and lenders who are experienced with short sales – an efficient short sale team to provide you with the highest level of competency with short sales.
Short sales and other foreclosure avoidance methods are confusing and complex for the homeowner.  If you are unsure as to your foreclosure avoidance options – including short sales – then please contact us at the TW Real Estate Group to set up a free, informative consultation to review your options and provide you with useful information on which to base your important decisions.

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